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♫ ♪ Chill With Me ♫ ♪


Share one of your favorite chill-out tunes.  But first, you have to listen to mine.
Oh, and crank it up.   😀

Music by Skysurfer


Author: NeuroNotes

Victoria predominately blogs about religion, and the brain's role in religious type experiences.

44 thoughts on “♫ ♪ Chill With Me ♫ ♪

  1. Love this Victoria! You shared it with me before, but it was a different video… I was like, “I’ve heard this somewhere…” and then the lyrics came in and then I remembered. 🙂

    Have you heard Baths before?

    A new friend posted a piece at:

    It’s different, but it’s pretty groovy.

    I’ll find my favorite chill song…


  2. I don’t even know what to post to top this track, love it love it.


    • Tak, Morti, så godt at se dig 😀


      • That was flawlessly written down to the comma, have you been secretly practicing your Danish skills behind my back? haha!

        This song I love to listen to before gym and before bed, it helps clear my mind to a degree where I can find more focus on what I wish to do, the tune seems to entrain well with ‘me’ *smiles*


    • Umm, you’ve been holding out on me, Morti. What the….? I’ve known you for over 4 years and you’ve kept this one to yourself, eh? Or, I could look at it on the positive side…you were waiting for this moment in time to share. 😀 *gives you an out*

      Love it!! It does have an entrainment feel to it especially at the end.


  3. These two always manage to relax me:



  4. Here’s another favorite chill-out of mine. It’s hard to stay still with this one. I want to sway my hips with my hands in the air. 😀 Christy and Morti, I know I’ve turned you on to this one already. Here’s to the sun, the rain, and love.



  5. Where my little family began.


  6. Hot, sexy and chill. This is how an artist is supposed to deliver a “dream-like” state in a song and video. I’m not even a fan of Dave Matthews, but “Crash into me” makes me want to hike up my skirt a little more. It’s my favorite sexy song.


    I predict Mr. Amazing getting lucky tonight between this song and “Locked Out of Heaven” earlier. ;)-

    Matt Nathanson definitely knows what a real woman wants to hear. “Drown me in love” sounds awfully good to me. Another wonderfully sexy, chill song indeed.


    • Sexy chill songs indeed. “Locked Out Of Heaven” is my new shining gem, which you turned me on to the other day. Where the heck have I been? It’s one of my top favorites now. I love his terminology. Oh the irony of it all, and you know exactly what I’m talkin’ about. 😉

      And while we are on sexy, here’s one of my favs (as promised 😉 ) Keeping in mind the beats per minute, plus the lyrics, it can evoke incredible imagery.


      • Thanks for sharing Victoria. I have to be in the mood for House music, I don’t know why. I don’t like music genre bias, I believe in giving all types of music a chance. However, I’m this way with the whole house sound. I really love her voice though, it’s both sweet and powerful!

        Of course, I had to play your Bruno Mars video. I just can’t get enough of that song. I’m so bad about it that I believe Mr. Amazing is getting jealous.

        Have a great week, dear. It’s been great hanging out with you over the weekend, even if it is only in blog world.



      • Okay, I’m going to listen to Bruno sing just one more time and then I’m out of here, I promise!

        Have a fantastic week! We’re going to be busy around here, celebrate hubby’s birthday in a few days then get with some friends at some point this week. I have really got to stay on top of the kids to practice their instruments and I am way behind in learning how to play the acoustic guitar.

        Take care my friend, may love be with you throughout the week! 🙂


        • Thank you, Charity. I have enjoyed hanging out with you this weekend, too. I really missed you in August, so this was a real treat. A pre-Happy Birthday to Mr. Amazing. I’m sure he’s in total support of you listening to Locked Out of Heaven. He appears to be benefiting from your passion for this song. 😀

          Catch you later, my friend. Stop by again when you get a chance. I love finding out what people love chillin’ too. You have superb taste.

          Hoping you have an awesome week, too.



  7. One of my favorite songs of all time. Very, very sweet, real, passionate and loving. I don’t think there will ever be another song that could compare to “In Your Eyes”.


    • I haven’t heard this in years. Loved listening to it again. And the beauty of such songs as this is that it avails various interpretations.

      “And all my instincts, they return
      And the grand facade, so soon will burn
      Without a noise, without my pride
      I reach out from the inside”


      • I’m sorry that most of my chill songs have something to do with sex, but they’re really much more than that. There’s so much love, depth and a feel of intimacy in all three “sexy” songs I mentioned. They’re clearly not about one night stands. Growing up the way I did sex was dirty. Even if sex was within marriage it was appropriate to talk about the love aspect, but not the sex. If it was mentioned, it would approached so carefully that it seemed unattached and mechanical. I think when we do that we not only turn sex into something vulgar, we belittle it’s value. Sex is a gateway act that leads to intimacy, communication, relief and even an emotional cleansing, but like you have said, only when it’s something more than using the other person for glorified masturbation.

        In Peter Gabriel’s song he’s simply stating that being with the one he loves just makes sense. I think it just helps him to reconnect with who he really is. I think that’s what good sex does with the right person for all of us. Sometimes there are no words to better understand or to help comfort who we love, but the act of loving helps us to not only help our lover, but ourselves too.

        Wow! “Paging Dr. Ruth!”


        • No, no, no. Please don’t apologize. Just when I was about to post a comment about your sexy videos, I got a notification from you with an apology, so I will post this first. I was about to post one of the tunes you mentioned and another favorite of mine. I’m with you, I don’t see “just sex” in these videos, I see much more. I’m with you all the way. One of my sexy chill songs about to be posted. Hope you like House music. 😀


  8. Okay, so I can’t listen to this at work, but I promise I’ll crank it up as soon as I get home.:o)

    And here’s my contribution. I have rocked out to this many times, sometimes even with the requisite wooden spoon. (And yes, I did say “rocked out”–I’m as embarassed as I’m sure you are for me.)

    Oh, and I vote for “In Your Eyes” as well…


  9. Hello anglophiletoad,

    I know what you mean. Growing up as a good Christian girl in the 80s Michael W Smith and Amy Grant were all the rage and I really couldn’t get into them.

    I admit, I was a huge Petra Praise fan, as well as a nut for Carmen and DC Talk. “Got a lot of believers out there!” I didn’t get into the latter group until Bible College in my late teens. That was also when a friend introduced me to Margaret Becker’s music and I listened to her up until a year or two before my deconversion.


  10. Hey Victoria,

    I don’t know what it is today, all of my blogger friends are just too kind and smart for me to leave this computer.

    I was thinking of this song by Margaret Becker a few minutes ago. It makes me cry. I really am clay and water, adapting and changing, it just didn’t happen through Jesus like I had hoped it would. I know you’ll understand.

    Now quit posting such great articles and comments, I got to get my house in order and the kids will be home before I know it. 😉


    • Hello Victoria,

      I just want to thank you for the many kindnesses you’ve shown me over the last few months.

      You know, from about April in 2012, during my deconversion, until Christmas of last year I was very angry, alone and sad. About January I ran into Debbie’s blog and I began to share my anger with her and others on her blog. After a few months I began to read others’ blogs and by the time summer rolled around, I started my own blog. It’s really strange that since I began writing, I have found myself more and more happy with each post. I am not so upset about the four decades of my life I lost. In fact, I’m glad that I didn’t stick around for another four decades. I love my life. It’s crazy now, but the potential for greatness is there and I’m in the beginning stages of obtaining it. I have a really, really good life and I love it. I have learned that it’s okay to mourn the life that I had once hoped for with Jesus. However, I’m aware that a romantic notion is not enough to sustain a relationship, there must be a connection, there must be love. I didn’t have that, but instead of getting upset over the invisible non-existent, I embrace the loveliness of what is visible to me: my hubby, my boys, our home, our yard and the skies, trees, birds and grass that surround us.

      Thank you for being my friend. I always look forward to your wisdom and understanding in all of your posts and comments. You remind me of why I became an atheist, to live in the now and appreciate it for all it’s goodness while accepting the challenges it brings to better the things I do not like.

      Thank you, Victoria.


      • Charity, this has to be one of the most moving comments I’ve ever received on WP, if not the most moving. I am incredibly honored. The day before yesterday, my daughter and I went out to dinner together. I brought you up in our conversations. I shared with her how much your friendship has come to mean to me. I also told her that your posts were helping me to open up in a more personal way. I didn’t start this 2nd blog until after I met you. In fact, you have inspired at least two of my posts here, including my most recent post on the happiest countries on the planet. Char, you are a gifted writer, and through your writings, you are touching others in ways you are most likely not aware of.

        I love that you have come to embrace the loveliness of what is visible to you. Shedding my religion played a major role in coming out of woods, and seeing the world, really seeing the world for the first time without the filter of religious indoctrination. I became acutely aware of things I had never been aware of before.

        Speaking of loveliness, and since we are in the ‘Chill With Me’ post, I thought this tune and the scenery were fitting for this moment. To me this song represents that special butterfly feeling I get thinking about the wonder and beauty that surrounds me, and the love I feel for humanity. Thank you for your friendship. I cherish it. I wish you over the moon. ღ


  11. Aw, Thanks Victoria! This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. You know how I love photography, music and nature, throw in the moon and you definitely got my attention! What a sweet song. They kind of remind of The Civil Wars. That folk, country, yet, mellow modern romantic feel all at the same time. It’s like Blue Grass’s much more delicate cousin.

    They also do an amazing cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. I always thought it was one of his best songs and I enjoyed revisiting it through this duo’s rendition.

    I better get up off of this thing, dirty dishes and laundry are needing my attention. Have a great day!


  12. Damn it! I was about to get back to my “other duties” when I stumbled onto this post and music! Then damn it again…I played Skysurfer’s Always Away and chilled! You are quickly becoming a BAD influence Victoria.

    This was a popular post I see. From my blog’s Oct 2013 musical selection, here’s my must-contribution (of many possibles) since I’m heavily rhythmic, musical, and Bohemian…and you asked… 🙂


  13. Well I am a little late to add a song, but heard this at the end of covert affairs season – and loved it.


    • Jeesh Yvette, I came into this thread to fetch a tune and just discovered that you posted one. My sincere apologies for not seeing this sooner. On some days I get so many notification of comments that I lose track. I loved it. And it did make me feel like I was floating in water with the warm sun on my face. 🙂

      Thanks so much for sharing.


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