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It’s My Pleasure To Introduce — Words for the Weekend


For those of you who have yet to meet the incredible Christina aka Christy, from the blog Running On Sober, I am happy to introduce her to you today, along with her new blog Words for the Weekend.

She has a love for words, and loves to share the words that move her.  The series began at her original blog, RoS, but she and others (myself included) loved it so much, she decided to give it a permanent home.

Christy’s themed posts are a collection of the Arts: music, poetry and prose, and visual arts.  Many friendships have been forged, and those of us who’ve participated have fond memories.

Today , Christy is having a ‘housewarming’ and has invited several WordPress bloggers to contribute.  She writes:


“This volume is your voice–your words, your photography–
selected or composed especially for this first edition.”

I feel honored that she asked me to be a part of this special edition.   The video below is my contribution.

Check it out, then head on over to her new blog.

See you at Christina’s new place — and bring Fritos.


Author: NeuroNotes

Victoria predominately blogs about religion, the psychological techniques used to indoctrinate, and the brain's role in religious-type experiences and attachment.

13 thoughts on “It’s My Pleasure To Introduce — Words for the Weekend

  1. You. Are. Priceless.

    This is wonderful, Victoria, I love it.

    I’m so thankful our mutual loves of music, words and connection (among other things!) brought us together.

    You make this world a beautiful–and much nicer–place.

    Love and gratitude,


  2. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. And thank you!

    It was my pleasure, dear friend.

    Much love and gratitude back at cha.



  3. Outstanding MIGHT begin to describe your video. Is your calling in video, cinematic production? 😉


  4. Talent. Mixed with love. Shaken with care. That was a very cool thing you did, Victoria! I’ll check out Christina’s new blog, I love the concept. 🙂


    • Colleen, you have a way with words, my friend, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing them so freely with me.

      I think you will enjoy the Words blog. We have had so much fun in the past, and I’m excited that Words has its very own home now. Also, Christina will make you feel welcomed and right at home. I’ve grown quite fond of her — plus — she has impeccable taste in the Arts.


    • Thanks for the support, Colleen! It’s nice to meet you 🙂

      – Christina


  5. “They ignite imagination in the creases of my brain.”

    I love that line, V.


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