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Empathy: The Ultimate Art Form


minds connectionHello everyone.  Hope you are skiing through the holidays without too many mishaps.   I thought I’d share one of my favorite RSA Animate videos.

The RSA Action and Research Center is a 258 year-old charity devoted to creating social progress and spreading world-changing ideas.  Enriching society through ideas and action

Roman Krznaric explains how we can help drive social change by stepping outside ourselves.

lightbulb_a  Check out George Orwell’s empathy experiment (see below).

I think the idea about empathy museums is a cool concept.  I’m ready for an empathy revolution.  Are you?

Shifting to the Age of Outrospection

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Victoria predominately blogs about religion, the psychological techniques used to indoctrinate, and the brain's role in religious-type experiences and attachment.

10 thoughts on “Empathy: The Ultimate Art Form

  1. Awesome video. I am not exactly Mr. Social Change, so this is a good shake up for me. I do enjoy what it said about the two way conversations. I am not the best at them. It’s something that takes me tremendous energy to remain cognisant of. Opening ourselves up to vulnerability is a tough call for many, and while I have learned to do that a lot more (especially since doing the whole recovery thing), I still have a hard time shoehorning that into a conversation where not only do I *hear* the person (challenge #1), but bring something of myself to reflect back at them and open things ups more. It’s an ongoing thing, and I think that what the video says is fantastic – being able to not only empathize with the down and out, but also to those in power. Unheard of, but I find that when I put myself in someone else’s shoes, especially those who seem to have a position above me (in whatever way I see that or perceive it), I find a different way of dealing with them…and finding a new peace within myself.

    thank you for sharing this. Wonderful.



  2. Thinking outside my own box is something that’s been crossing my path a lot lately. This video with talk is amazing. It’s certainly something to seriously think about as we approach a new year. Hope you’ve had a good Christmas, Victoria


  3. This was a potent video – but I am disappointed in myself for (at first) thinking ten minutes was long – lol – whew, guess I lately I am just used to those 2 and 3 minute snippets – however, this ten minute video needed to NOT be cut, or trimmed down, because every minute is important – and it floes so well and was not laborious to view – in fact, I loved it – not only because the artsy marker drawing adds to it – but here are the top four things I soaked up:

    1. I was surprised to learn that the human rights movement started hundreds of years before Martin Luther King was even born – and the author notes how in the 1780’s (at the 6 minute mark) folks in Britain were trying to raise awareness –to develop empathy — about the horrid conditions on slave ships and the inhumane conditions for slaves on plantations (makes me mad still)! And the author quickly sums up the history – how it led to the boycott of sugar – then the 1807 abolition – etc. –

    2. I enjoyed hearing that Orwell went in disguise as a tramp on the streets (4 minute mark) showing that great writers sometimes were very active about developing their empathy (as opposed to others that lived certain things out of circumstance and developed it by default).

    3. I liked the quote “same pain, same blood”

    4. I also like how the author notes that empathy is needed for social change and revolution (and how we should also consider time changes) ….and the HUMAN MUSEUM idea is brilliant – which is mentioned near the end – and I would buy a membership to this kind of museum – one where you could go and talk to a human library – or work at table to find out what it is really like to work in say, a sweat a shop or something like that – very cool!

    In closing, this author notes the dangerous, yet amazing, social change can occur with empathy development, and I bet this will help with BULLYING too – big time – and there are lots of recent studies (and books) about the strong, positive connection between empathy and CREATIVITY – and for a little while I considered studying empathy while looking at variables for work behavior – but went with “needs” instead.

    I really enjoyed this – thanks for posting it. ~Yvette


  4. Hope you don’t mind, but I included a link to this amazing post on my blog. The video is just what my intentions are for the new year. Happy new year to you, Victoria! Peace and health for 2014


    • Cat, it warms my heart to read this. Thank you. I look forward to reading your post when I have more time to sit and savor. I am excited about the prospects for 2014 and the future. Happy New Year, Cat, and peace and health are my intentions for us all. =)



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  6. A blogger whose work I love. Yes, I said LOVE.

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    Can we help drive social change by stepping outside ourselves? Give a look see and see what you think.

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