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This Is Not The “Fish Out Of Water” Post


In my last post i shared that “Fish Out of Water” would be my next post. It’s not. Sorry it’s taking so long.  It’s research intense, plus it is a combo of studies and personal ‘stuff’ that some, perhaps many, will be able to relate to in varying degrees (?). I suspect I’ll be in good company.

Just to let some of you know — I know that you know that I am behind on my replies from a previous post.  ;D  When thought and time has been put into your comments, I like to put thought and time into my replies.  Lately, I’ve also been strapped for time and experiencing an unstable internet connection.  Thanks for your patience.  ღ

Yesterday I was thinking about Winter, both in the seasonal/climatological sense but metaphorically as well.   Later that day I was pleasantly surprised to discover a 2 GB card with several 45 sec video clips and still images I’d taken during an unexpected late winter storm this past year, which turned everything into a winter wonderland within an hour.   One particular still that I was especially happy to find was this one taken just off my sister and BIL’s deck in their home where I also currently reside.  The image is untouched and a little grainy.  If I recall correctly, I took it through the window.

Digital StillCamera


Clouds opened to the sun, the giver of color and bright.
The splendor in those few seconds seized that moment.
I could see little sparkles of pinks, yellows and oranges
peeking through the snowflakes before they became
one with another.
Sparkles of light danced as if they were the scintillations
of faceted diamonds.
Within the gray and frozen, I was reminded of the sublime.


More southern snow from home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My appreciation to Michelle @ MamaMickTerry
and Yvette @ PriorHouse for their inspiration.


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Victoria predominately blogs about religion, and the brain's role in religious type experiences.

36 thoughts on “This Is Not The “Fish Out Of Water” Post

  1. There’s never a need to apologize for taking time to be in the moment or be inspired — particularly when the result is inspiration for others with photos and introspection like this. Thanks for sharing, and my best wishes for the New Year, Victoria!

    P.S. I suppose I can call of Fr. Robert now… 😉


    • If you meant to write ‘”call off Fr. Robert now,” then you get an enthusiastic thumbs up from me. 😀

      Hey, btw, thanks for letting me off the hook with my assignment post. I am generally good with schedules. However, as you well know, inspiration doesn’t follow schedules.

      Ned, Happy New Year wishes in return, along with cinnamon whiskey infused fruitcake that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

      M’m M’m — Fr. Robert would approve, no doubt.


  2. The pics, especially the first, are amazing


  3. As soon as I first saw the top photo, I wanted to be there in person. The other shots embellished that feeling. Some of this, it must be said, is that I have not seen any rain, much less snow, for months. But I still get excited to see snow, and that glow is fabulous.


    • Thanks Josh. You can be here in spirit. =) We had a severe drought for over 7 years before it finally broke a few years back. Nothing like the smell of rain and the sound of snow falling. It is predicted, due to a stagnant jet stream, that we will have another wet wintery winter in the southeastern part of the country. So long as it’s not ice I’m happy with that. =)


  4. LOVED your pictures. It really is true…a picture is worth a thousand words. While I eagerly await your Fish out of Water post, I certainly understand and appreciate your desire to take your time and present the best! That being said, your poetry and pictures were more than enough to give me my “Victoria Fix” for the day 🙂
    Thank you SO much for pinging back to my post! I don’t know that I’ve ever officially “inspired” anyone or anything before. I like it! Maybe I should wear a tiara? It feels special 🙂
    *heading back to look at your gallery


    • Hey Michelle—thank you. 😀 “Victoria Fix” haha, loved that.

      ” I don’t know that I’ve ever officially “inspired” anyone or anything before. I like it! Maybe I should wear a tiara? It feels special.”

      Don’t make me come over there girlfriend. Yes, that is a threat. What do you mean you don’t know that you’ve ever officially “inspired” anyone or anything before? Are you blowin’ smoke or just needing one? 😛

      *looks for your tiara*

      *HUGS back*

      Love you and a Happy New Year dear friend. xx


  5. TOUCHE’! I’m laughing so hard.
    Smoke ’em if you got ’em!!
    Happy New Year’s to you, too!!
    xo, Michelle


  6. Lovely pics and thoughts, Victoria.

    I hear you about time and inspiration and the such. I have been a bit dormant in my own corner of the world, but time has been my enemy and I am trying not to get worked up about it. Que sera sera. Sometimes a snowflake and it’s posse demands inspection and attention and little bit of applause. So be it. Bring it on.

    Blessings and Happy New Year 🙂



    • “What ever will be will be.” Yep, and sometimes we get some say in it. 😀

      Happy New Year, Paul, my good friend. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2014 has in store for us;
      and I’m cautiously optimistic. LOL In other words, seeing the glass half full, not half empty.

      I liked the terms you used “inspection and attention.” I could really expound on those and their value. It’s the idealist coming out in me that recognizes realism and wisdom through your words. Thank so much for your thoughtful words. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the coming new year. Don’t ebb for too long. =D I think creativity and inspiration come natural when we embrace the ebbs and flows, so no pressure. Let it flow when it flows.

      Bring it on, Shine on,


  7. Victoria, how you doing?
    These are lovely photos.
    Be well my friend


  8. I shall be back later with another comment, but had to say that I am honored to have been a bit of inspiration – and also the pictures are even more amazing because of the snow that is falling down on the screen (which I guess ends in January) but what GORGEOUS photos….


    • well I am back! Okay, I am glad I waited to respond because the slideshow came back to my mind’s eye numerous times since I viewed it (especially that photo through the dining room window, with those cool chairs to the right). Well I think I saw the slide show 2 times before I realized it was scrolling -lol – but this also gave me a bit more saturation,

      anyhow, I call your slide show a “quiet joy” – which I know is why you shared it – because it was a winter wonderland feel that day – and you captured that. But I think the real special part, for me at least, was that the slide show had no music. now sure, Music can enrich – and we see this in movies and slideshows all the time – but in this case I think the silence added to the beauty – and each picture was able to speak without any music carrying it. I noticed this right when the ice drops on the leaves came and by the time the coffee mug scrolled – whew – just refreshing!


      • one more little note, you should share that grainy photo with the postaday weekly photo challenge for joy – so even more folks can enjoy this take on the quieter side of joy, the winter wonderland whisper you show here…. –


      • Yvette, I loved all your comments, and I especially appreciate that you noticed the symbolism of having no music. To capture the sound of silence during a snowfall, that moment when snow has a voice in a whisper.

        “The Quieter Side of Joy: A Winter Wonderland Whisper” — I love it. That’s what I will name the top photo. Thank you for the inspiration. Your expertise in the arts has me excited. But I especially love your flow of expression when commenting and writing posts. Thank you for making my morning while sipping on my first cup of coffee. Hope yours is going well this Thursday. ღ


        • Hey Victorious, or V – when this post showed up in my reader – all the pictures from your slideshow were aligned it a collage – and it was so nice!
          Thanks again for the affirmations – it really means a lot.

          and just a tidbit to share, I wrestled with the last two posts – like I almost shortened the 14 things of art one – but my gut would not let me – and then when I reflected on the last leaf – I thought in my head to “pace the posts” and write that later – but again I went with my gut and added another long one – (not too long of course) but whoa – back to back – ha ha – but I guess I just remembered that inspiration has to be welcomed when it knocks…. and good things happen when we open the door – like this winter-land post. and my fav is still that indoor shot – but I also REALLY like the one with the orange glow behind the tree (think it is the final one). and Happy Friday to you…


  9. Tzzz cant believe you start with an apology! I always love reading reading a new post by you, no matter how long I have to wait or what the subject might be 🙂 Thank you for sharing all this beauty and stillness!


    • “I always love reading reading a new post by you, no matter how long I have to wait or what the subject might be. “

      AF, I’m so embarrassed to see that you posted this right after New Years, and I’ve not responded yet. I don’t know how I missed this, but I see I have missed other comments here, too. Your comment made my day, you have no idea. To say thank you seems so trite, but thank you anyway. Meant a lot. ღ


  10. ….and thank you for the smiles…


  11. Hey Victoria,

    Just wanted you to know that I got your e card. Hope you had a very happy Christmas. My blog’s a mess, my house is a mess and my kids return to school has been delayed another two days. Yeah, I’m trying to get a lot done. I think I’ve updated everything in blog world the way I want it now.

    Just wanted you to know that I’ve really missed you and I hope all is well.

    Take care, my sweet friend!



  12. Okay Victoria – have to say hello – and ask – so when is that fish out of water post coming?? ha ha – jk
    also, I have a quick question for you – can you email me –

    loved that carly rose video – whew!!!!


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