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What The Gods Never Told Us


That oppression never occurs between equals.

That tyranny always arises from the belief that some people are more human than others.

That equality among gender is the foundation for a peaceful, harmonious and egalitarian humanity.

That fear conditioning activates the amygdala (impulsiveness, aggression, negative emotions), a part of the brain that is prone to respond twice as fast as the frontal lobes ( impulse control, critical thinking, emotional intelligence).

The importance of emotional intelligence,

The importance of critical thinking skills.

That mainstream holy books condone and promote antisocial (immoral) behavior.

That hyper-religiosity is a major feature of common mental disorders.

That gene expression and environment are intertwined.

That being in power for too long often leads to biochemical addictions which can disrupt normal cognition and emotion, leading to gross errors of judgment, an imperviousness to risk, huge egocentricity and lack of empathy for others.

That traumatic brain injuries are the signature wound of war,  and a TBI in specific regions of the brain increases the risk of delusions and antisocial (immoral) behavior.

War Psalms 144

That the very environmental conditions promoted in mainstream holy books lead to “evil”.

That injury to the prefrontal cortex can cause a lack of empathy towards others but may take years even decades for symptoms to manifest.

That damage to the prefrontal cortex can lead to personality changes which manifest in impulsive and socially inappropriate behavior, depression, and violence.

That pons dysfunction in the first 5 months of life can cause attachment disorders leading to antisocial behavior later in life.

That taking away a woman’s right to choose leads to poverty, social ills, and a significant increase in orphans — which leads to a significant risk of attachment disorders — which leads to mental illness, brain atrophy, and/or antisocial behavior.

That children who experience early damage in the prefrontal cortex may never completely develop social or moral reasoning.  And as adults, even on an intellectual level, they cannot refer to such behavior because they have little concept of it.

That adults who experience prefrontal cortex damage in adulthood are usually aware of proper social and moral conduct, but are unable to apply such behaviors.

That a common soup of neurochemicals affect couples in relationships.

That male-dominate religions and cultures promote hyper-masculinity — dividing us all.

That cursing motherhood by stating in holy books that “God” would greatly increase the pains in childbirth. as a punishment to women, resulted in untold suffering of women, children, families and social instability throughout history.

The importance of nurturing infants and young children (necessary for proper brain development); thus significantly increasing prosocial behavior.

That adverse childhood experiences are a major risk factor for social, emotional and cognitive impairment; adoption of health risk behaviors; disease, disability and social problems, and early death.

That mental illness and neurological disorders are not demons possessions.

That we should never promote the casting out of so-called demons because demons don’t exist.

That humans who practice the belief taught in holy books that they have dominion over all species and the planet contribute to animal cruelty and climate change.

The importance of scientific method rather than faith, to prevent confirmation bias, because the human mind is very susceptible to fooling itself.

And so much more…


Author: NeuroNotes

Victoria predominately blogs about religion, and the brain's role in religious type experiences.

58 thoughts on “What The Gods Never Told Us

  1. These will make for interesting reading.
    Thanks for sharing


  2. Outstanding post! Superb! Thank you!


  3. “That being in power for too long often leads bio-chemical addictions which can disrupt normal cognition and emotion, leading to gross errors of judgment, an imperviousness to risk, huge egocentricity and lack of empathy for others.”

    Does this describe the U.S. Congress or what???


  4. “The importance of scientific method rather than faith, to prevent confirmation bias, because the human mind is very susceptible to fooling itself.” – Right on! Great post!


  5. A small library of goodness here… and can you imagine a religion saying, “Believe nothing, test everything, repeat” 🙂

    But come on, Victoria… If the Good Book didn’t tell us “Don’t Steal” everyone would be thieving.


  6. I agree with everything you say in this post!! I think the concepts you discuss here are so important because people tend to talk more about the “benefits” of religion, rather than the very real dangers of religion.


  7. This is one for the bookmarks! Wonderful compilation, V.


  8. Bacteria, viruses, infection, etc. – though I may have missed them in your comprehensive list… 🙂


  9. Hey Victoria, just in case I wasn’t clear, this is the post I was referring to in my most recent email.

    Great article, packed full of information.

    Thanks and take care,


  10. Golden-nuggets abound in this post V! Once again, outstanding!

    The first two nuggets, and the fourth, reminded me of — if I may toot my historical Christianity and its real origins and rise horn — my post: “Constantine: Christianity’s True Catalyst/Christ” ( and exactly how the Movement was able to seize the Roman and Roman-provential masses into indoctrination, which continues to this day, even more so, with our growing socio-economic gap in the U.S. The similarities are remarkably uncanny; or not, for those like you Victoria. 😉

    When a large swath of people are oppressed and in fear for their well-being, they will resort to desparate measures, particularly “miracles” and their “sources.” Military revolution can or cannot play a significant part in social-economic reform, e.g. Constantine & his Roman Empire, the Spanish Inquisition, the American Revolution, and Civil War a century later, World War I, World War II because of post-WWI, and in the modern era, the never-ending conflicts over the “Holy Lands” (oil-rich regions) spilling over into “Jihads” by other hyper-impoverished societies and inequalities turning to desparate measures and/or scriptures.

    Utterly amazing how history repeats itself among less-than-educated/evolved societies!

    Yet, on the opposite end of that spectrum, your nuggets about power and control, lead ultimately to corruption (hyper-neuro rewards?), and finally to the exact same thing: social-economic collapse. When will the pure scientific historical data FINALLY be accepted and embraced??? When religious elitism is extinct, I think. 🙂


    • Professor, I really enjoyed reading your thought-provoking reply as well as the post you shared. I couldn’t agree more when you wrote in your post:

      “Today, all Christian denominations and off-shoots were fathered by the Vatican…and in turn fathered by Constantine. ”

      Spot on. But so few Christians know this (or want to know this) because they are so focused on the remembrance of cotton candy kiddy songs of their youth “Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so.” It’s sad that people are willing to allow themselves to be so gullible, forgoing critical thinking for the sake of feeling loved/acknowledged by a Bronze/Iron Age war god (Yahweh — Jesus’ daddy) with very human Bronze/Iron Age intellect, that demands faith to believe in it and complete submission (no questions asked). What a brilliant and diabolical strategy the Vatican and Constantine came up with, eh? It worked, hook, line, and sinker. “Fi$her$ of men.”

      You wrote: “Utterly amazing how history repeats itself among less-than-educated/evolved societies!”

      Humans pride themselves on being the most advanced species on the planet, when in fact, humans are, for the most part, rather stupid. Recent studies have shown that approximately 95% of the humans follow in crowds without their conscious awareness like —wait for it —> sheep. Gee, what did Jesus call his followers? 😉 I am reminded of a quote:

      “That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.” ~Aldous Huxley

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment.



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