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Creating To Decompress


Stepping to the Right of the Left Hemisphere




This was one of the first practice videos I produced from some free software — Windows Live Movie Maker.

I’ve learned a lot since then although I’m still an amateur. Being a pro is not my goal.  Hanging out in my right hemisphere and tapping into my creative juices, is.

The preparation (looking at images, searching for music, content) is stimulating and helps reduce stress.

I spend many hours each day doing research and advocacy work.  I also address environmental, social justice and human/civil rights issues. It can get intense.

If I didn’t find effective tools to decompress, it could have a negative impact on my mental and physical health.

I enjoy painting (oils) and photography, too.  For now, my brushes and paints are in storage, and my digital camera is no longer holding a charge (wah) — so I make videos.



When you step to the right of your left hemisphere, what creative activities do you enjoy that help you decompress?


“Creativity itself doesn’t care at all about results – the only thing it craves is the process.”

~ Elisabeth Gilbert



Author: NeuroNotes

Victoria predominately blogs about religion, the psychological techniques used to indoctrinate, and the brain's role in religious-type experiences and attachment.

39 thoughts on “Creating To Decompress

  1. Reblogged this on writingwingsforyou and commented:
    This is a super cool video! How colors can save the world and create World peace.


    • Hi WWfY, thank you for the reblog and thoughtful words. 🙂


      • This video is very helpful to my professional friends who deal with clients that often forget to use their right side of the brain equally… (and we, as artists sometimes forget too.) Beautiful job. I can watch it over and over again. Thanks for creating it. It’s one step closer to peace in our world! Or at least some fun, beauty and laughter. ~Namaste, Marie


        • Neuropsychologist, Neurobiologist and Nobel laureate Roger Sperry wrote:

          “What it comes down to is that modern society discriminates against the right hemisphere.”

          Unfortunately, the right hemisphere is too often suppressed in academic classrooms and the work environment. In an ever changing economy ‘and’ world, it is advantageous to create new neural pathways to replace old ones that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. It is essential to engage in our creative side which allows for out-of-box thinking and innovative ideas to surface. If this doesn’t happen the results are often stagnate personal growth and success.

          Dan Pink, in his book “A Whole New Mind” states:

          In the 21st Century, times are changing in the business world. Most left-brain tasks in the work force are either being outsourced or replaced by automation. The right hemisphere is now considered the first among equals in order to stay competitive and productive in an ever changing word. There are three prevailing trends pointing towards the future of business and the economy:

          • Abundance (consumers have too many choices, nothing is scarce)

          • Asia (everything that can be outsourced, is)

          • Automation (computerization, robots, technology, processes)


          This short video elaborates and explains “The Six Senses of the Future”:

          If you look at our most peaceful countries, you can pretty much see that the right hemisphere is the first among equals. People don’t live to work (like they do in America), they work to live — and family and down time are equally as important as careers. I am excited at the direction we are going in — it is needed, though there is still much resistance due to corporations who pretty much control much of the world (capitalism). If they don’t change, adapt, they will cease to exist.

          Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for your kind words. I really enjoy these types of discussions.


  2. Interesting…I like the right brain diagram above.
    Intense cardio helps me decompress. Reading poetry helps jump start the creative process for me.


  3. Cool video!


  4. In the interest of political correctness, shouldn’t the Crayola crayon labeled “Flesh” be renamed “Caucasian Flesh”? Otherwise, it strikes me as being a little presumptuous!


  5. Geez, I expected arch to regale us with tales about how he “sexpresses” himself. . .you know. . . creatively. . . 🙂

    I just got back from a 10k tramp – that’s decompressing!! But there’s sewing, quilting, card making, tole, pottery. . any ‘craft’ you can think of. I know, I know, BORING. . . honestly, though, I’ve never been bored in my life and I feel bad for people who don’t have hobbies. To me, that would be absolute misery. I like to be learning new things all the time! Take blog-reading, for instance – opened up a whole new world for me (and the CHARACTERS one gets to ‘meet’!!); gotta love it!


    • I just got back from a 10k tramp” – I ran to the bathroom —


      • Hahaha Arch! Sometime ago one of my friends said the only exercise he does is jumping to conclusions


        • Noel, don’t let Arch kid ya — he also gets his exercise on a riding lawnmower.


          • he also gets his exercise on a riding lawnmower” – nay, nay, not so – I strictly use a push mower, and not a self-propelled one at that. I bag all of my lawn clippings and use them for compost. Without bagging, you may as well go around your property broadcasting weed seeds, because that’s exactly what you’re doing when your lawnmower spits them out.

            Besides, I like to have intimate knowledge of my acre, something you don’t get on a riding mower. When my youngest was little, we used to drop her older sisters off at school, then drive to McDonalds for breakfast. One beautiful morning, I decided to leave the car and walk, and we saw up close, scores of varieties of beautiful flowers we’d never noticed, zipping by in the car. Sometimes slower is better.


    • Carmen, I do not see any of that as boring. I’ve dabbled in all of that myself. I am rarely bored unless I’m around mindless gossips. Cooking and plating in a way that is creative and appetizing are also things I enjoy. Visualizing a vacation surrounded by clear, turquoise water and the gentle lapping of waves is another creative way I decompress. I have a fertile imagination. 😀


  6. I’m just a left brained kinda guy. Every once in a while some creativity shows up, but I hang out over in that left hemisphere almost all the time. If I ever want to get some creative juices flowing I listen to music.

    That picture in your post of that woman painting had me almost dying of laughter. A memory from kindergarten has always vividly stuck in my head – my teacher gave me a brush, some paint and put me in front of the easel. While I didn’t start drawing equations, I did start drawing perfect triangles and squares in a very symmetric and structured way. 🙂

    Now what’s even more interesting about that is that my father (now 93 years old and still painting) absolutely lives for abstract art. In fact he frequently talks about how it was his dream to be an artist since he was very young. Me – I’m an electrical engineer and knew that’s what I wanted to do since I was about 7 years old. That gene somehow got left behind! 😉


    • Hey Howie, that kind of thing is the what makes me say to the students, “There’s different kinds of smart!” I think everyone has a different channel for creativity.


    • “While I didn’t start drawing equations, I did start drawing perfect triangles and squares in a very symmetric and structured way.”

      Hahaha, I love it. 😀 While I can be very symmetric in most areas of creativity, abstract art is by far my favorite. It lends to the imagination. I used to have a huge abstract paining in my living room and it was always a conversation piece. Everyone had their own interpretation. Howie, I agree with Carmen — everyone has a different channel for creativity, and while the right hemisphere may be the origin of creativity, being creative pretty much requires both hemispheres.


  7. I paint, but i’m hopeless. I actually get a great mental kick out of structuring cool sentences. That started when i was just a kid. Loved the way you could play with words.


  8. Great video! I always fancied myself a left-brained dude, but really, I lean right. But I am not very good at art in any manifestation (I couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler). I guess writing would be my relaxing thing, but not sure if it’s truly relaxing. In that case, running is my thing. Not sure if that counts as right brained. I guess I strike a balance at both while not particularly gifted in either (i say that not to put myself down, just a casual observation). But I think it’s so important to give my kids room to explore both. We do math homework following by crafts. They love their lego but also their science kits. If we could only be that simplistic again…lol.

    Great post, Victoria!



    • Thanks Paul. You wrote: ” In that case, running is my thing. Not sure if that counts as right brained.”

      I’m pretty sure it does. If you check the image above, there’s a dude running on the right hemisphere. 😀 I love doing experiments — and although that might be considered left brain activity — it requires creativity. Therefore, I find such activity to have a calming effect. Great to see you, my friend. 🙂


  9. Cool video, nice post.


  10. I love your videos and posts Victoria. You are so creative and so clever! Thanks for sharing. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥


  11. I enjoyed the colours and textures in the videos, it’s interesting how colour can strike. I went to see the most awful pretentious physical theatre show at the weekend, a tortured hour and a half (at which point I gave up and walked out, like many before me) of awful noises and people meandering around a black stage dressed in black. I had vivid dreams of explosions of colour that night. I expect I’m generally right hemisphere but I’m usually engaged in a left-hemisphere activity on the side – music, photography, painting, design, videos. But I do enjoy mindless gossip as well!


    • But I do enjoy mindless gossip as well!” – Well in that case, did you hear that Ark wears support hose? I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s the beauty of gossip, it doesn’t have to be, and you must admit, it’s mindless.


    • Thanks Violet. It was fun looking for images to fit the poem. I remember seeing my first off-Broadway show (Phantom of the Opera) which was predominately dark and colorless. It wouldn’t have been so bad had the seats not been so bad. Cheap date. We drove 3 hours to sit in the back of the theatre to watch ants performing on stage. Had it been more colorful, it might have been tolerable. The exit signs had more color.


  12. re: your “color bomb”
    here’s some top-secret video from a military skunk works shunk works to accomplish exactly that! 😉 like all military efforts, it’s a bit over engineered, and less color is distributed at the end. but looks like it’s the same principle! 😉

    OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine – Official Video (~4min)

    as for me, i like to walk on a nearby nature trail thru a 60 acre nature park for about an hour several times a week. good exercise, fresh air, nature, what’s not to like?


    • That video was awesome! 😀 Talk about creativity, eh? As for what you do to decompress…

      Quote: “Nature experiences are important for encouraging imagination and creativity, cognitive and intellectual development, and social relationships.18,19,58”

      “More than 100 studies have shown that relaxation and stress reduction are significant benefits associated with spending time in green areas.35”

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  13. I had forgotten about the Crayola bomb! Love that. What is the music you used for the video? I adore it.

    Liked by 1 person

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