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Make Up Your Mind


Who’s In Charge of Your Wiring?

“People tell you the world looks a certain way. Parents tell you how to think. Schools tell you how to think. TV. Religion. And then at a certain point, if you’re lucky, you realize you can make up your own mind.”    ~Carrie-Anne Moss

Think of the possibilities


One of the biggest issues I have with most mainstream religion is that it teaches you how and what to think about yourself and humanity.  For example, Judeo-Christianity teaches you that you are a sinful, shameful creature in need of a bloody, sacrificial atonement and salvation; that your righteousness is as filthy rags.  It tells you that there is no good thing in you, and what moral, ethical behavior you exhibit  is because of God—and without God, you are incapable of altruism, empathy, compassion, and making ethical decisions.

“For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh. For I have the desire to do what is right, but not the ability to carry it out.”  ~Romans 7:8

If you think that about yourself, you’ll think that about others, too.  Garbage in, garbage out.



Don’t give your power away!


Author: NeuroNotes

Victoria predominately blogs about religion, the psychological techniques used to indoctrinate, and the brain's role in religious-type experiences and attachment.

30 thoughts on “Make Up Your Mind

  1. Your videos are so lovely and powerful. The clear, hopeful messages, colors, shapes, and pictures are all intricately interwoven in ways that touch people on multiple levels – truly communication of the future.

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  2. I appreciate this posting. It contains much truth.

    In essence, this is the primary message of my book. My closing words are: “May you always live a life that is authentically yours.”

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  3. You make the Humanist in me cheer!

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  4. I often wonder how much of my loneliness in the absence of “God” comes from a true need for “God,” and how much of it is simply a conditioned response. Methinks the truth leans toward the latter…

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  5. Such wise words and amazing images


  6. What a beautiful post friend.

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  7. Wow – funny how we spoke about very similar things here, Victoria!! Judgement calls, assumptions, false positives, etc. we like these mental shortcuts for ourselves, don’t we?

    Love that we unknowingly synchronized on this topic at the same time 🙂

    Love the video too – you have a knack for them!



  8. Taking credit and taking responsibility. I love the way you blend writing with the visuals, great blog.


  9. Loved your video and as usual your post is so interesting and mesmerizing. You do know how my brains works, don’t you? 😆

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  10. Mmm, outstanding post Victoria!!! Browsing all your posts I’m way behind on, this one caught my fancy first; not that all the others are any less intriguing. But you know my crazy schedule, and the closing of summer means the beginning of the school year.

    I have a book and author I’m currently reading that I KNOW you’ll really enjoy: his name is Roman Krznaric, the book is How Should We Live? I’m one-third of the way thru the book and his points on Love, Family, Social Empathy (not sympathy!) are excellent! Check in to it if you have time. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

    We need to chat, laugh, and catch-up very soon! I demand it!!!


    • Hey Professor — great to see you again, and thank you. Yes, we will definitely have to chew the cud again soon. Let me check my schedule and see when I have an extra 6+ hours to spare. That seems to be the average talk time between us, lol. Send me an email and we can work out a day/time. I’ll need to make sure my phone is fully charged. 😀 Thanks for the book recommendation. I checked out a WSJ review and it looked very interesting.


  11. Beautiful and inspiring post Victoria! I hope many take it to heart and make those connections that enhance peace.

    Your stuff always inspires me to learn more about how our brains work.

    “It is in our nature to categorize and make general assumptions based on previous similar observations. That is why we have to try so hard not to do it with people”

    So true.

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    • Howie, your comment brought a huge smile to my face. I get inspired knowing that you get inspired to learn more about how our brains work. Too bad it was the last organ to be studied, as it’s the most important. Even the ancient Egyptians didn’t see it as an important organ and tossed it during the mummification process. Quote:

      “[…the Egyptians confused the function of the brain with that of the heart, assuming that the latter was the center of emotion, thought, and personality—which explains why they disposed of the brain, since they figured it would be of no use in the afterlife.”

      Wilder Penfield, a pioneering neurosurgeon, born in 1891 wrote:

      The brain is the organ of destiny. It holds within its humming mechanism secrets that will determine the future of the human race.

      He was spot on. I had questions my whole life that were never answered until I started doing brain research. 🙂 Thanks for your thoughtful comment.


  12. This is an especially timely post. If only more people would pay attention.

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  13. You have a gift. You can take such complicated, subconsciously accepted norms and break it down for dummies like me. I DO fight hard to not put people into categories…I make a conscious effort not to do so. So thankful to know that categorizing is part of brain chemistry and not because I’m a terrible person. I guess I’m a person fighting a good fight…just like you 🙂


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