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Chillin’ in the Chill & My Latest Upload


Many of us have experienced over 7 feet (2+ meters) of snow this week here in the United States.  Winter’s not official for another month.  I live in the South, and it’s going to get well below freezing tonight.

Some areas north of me have experienced 12 consecutive days of below freezing temps during the day.

Currently I am living in the foothills of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, and it’s gorgeous here.  However, I’ve spent the better part of my life living by the seashore.

I miss the scents, sights and sounds of the coast.  I feel like chillin’ by the ocean, even if it’s only in my mind.

Here’s my latest video.  I produced it about 2 months ago when I was feeling homesick.  Have a fantastical weekend.






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Victoria predominately blogs about religion, and the brain's role in religious type experiences.

84 thoughts on “Chillin’ in the Chill & My Latest Upload

  1. I live by the ocean on Vancouver Island, we are experiencing very rainy weather. Love being at the beach when it is stormy and the waves are crashing. Hope you have a great weekend. Love the video.

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    • Thank you Margaret. I’m with you. I, too, love being at the beach when it is stormy. Your area is gorgeous. I spent 2 months in Vancouver while visiting my sister and BIL. My brother-in-law was doing postdoc work at UBC. I was there from January through February. I’d love to visit when the roses are in bloom.


  2. Are you the pianist in the video?


  3. Very nice. Hope you have a great weekend. I once lived by the sea shore but was forced to move because, due to my clumsy nature, I kept falling unexpectedly into the sea.

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  4. If you come again catch a ferry to Vancouver Island to Victoria and visit Butchart Gardens, amazing flowers. My favourite place to go is Longbeach near Tofino. miles and miles of sandy beaches. In the winter there are many stormy days. Something calming about listening to waves crashing. Loved the quotes on the video.


    • Margaret, I lived in Cedar-by-the-Sea just south of Nanaimo for about 10 years… just a two minute walk rolling my kayak down to the boat ramp and taking in an easy paddle to Dodd’s Narrows, Gabriola Island, Ruxton, DeCourcey…

      Had to move to Ontario. Family, donchaknow. Like most places, there are good things and not so good things. The trick is in finding the ones that make each place special.

      Speaking of good things, it’s a good thing for me that the streamers of snow only gave us about a foot this week. Two decades ago, we’re the ones who regularly got walloped but never that amount. Whereas Buffalo today… welcome to climate change, folks and get ready for the flooding!

      Many people confuse the City of Vancouver with Vancouver Island. Longbeach is a great destination (ever stayed at the Wickaninnis Inn during the storm season? Talk about a view! Or shopped at the local places (I loved visiting the retired nuns surf shop)) and the drive to it magnificent in all seasons. But over on the other side there are 300 days a year of sun. Shhhh…. don’t tell anyone. Let them think it is always raining… My dog misses running with me on the logging trails (dogs are essential to keep me alert to the presence of bear and/or cougars) but seems willing enough to settle for squirrels rather than deer. I just can’t say a word the rhymes with ‘deer’ without him racing to each side of the house and letting them know in no uncertain terms that he won’t tolerate their trespassing ways. I had forgotten about skunks altogether…


  5. My years on the coast of Mexico, literally across the street from the Pacific, makes me miss such scenes.

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  6. tildeb
    Margaret, I lived in Cedar-by-the-Sea just south of Nanaimo for about 10 years… just a two minute walk rolling my kayak down to the boat ramp and taking in an easy paddle to Dodd’s Narrows, Gabriola Island, Ruxton, DeCourcey…

    Beautiful place, I live in Nanaimo not far from Westwood Lake where my dog loves to walk the trails. For the last five years we have been going to Longbeach in the winter. We rent a cabin with a hot tub on the deck at Crystal Cove near Mckenzie Beach. Going again in two weeks time. Will check out the the retired nun surf shop. Love Northern Ontario, great camping near lakes.

    Yes many people do not realize Vancouver Island is not the city of Vancouver.


    • Northern Ontario… if you can tolerate the bugs!

      What a small world. I wasn’t far from Cable Bay Trail but was disappointed when Harmac closed the logging trails to the public and kept only that trail open. Still, visitors enjoyed the groomed trek… especially when we had to pass by the skunk cabbage! If you have a view up there at Westwood anything like the one I enjoyed from Malaspina I am envious. All I see these days is a snow covered subdivision.

      Enjoy the cabin. I’ll think of you sitting in the hot tub next time I’m shoveling the driveway.


  7. I don’t blame you for getting homesick hon. I would love to live by the sea as well. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind being a mermaid. 😀
    What a beautiful video. So peaceful and serene. I loved it!
    Have a wonderful weekend hon. ♥

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  8. Victoria – glad to hear the cold weather finally made it your way. You are so good with these videos – beautiful and relaxing.

    Have a great weekend.

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  9. Beautiful… peaceful… and awesome!

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  10. You can craft a heck of a video, V. I loved the HHGTTG quote. I can imagine being homesick for the sea. The few times I’ve travelled to the shore have been so peaceful and relaxing. What a calming force it must be to live by one.

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    • “I loved the HHGTTG quote.”

      You noticed, yay. The movie came on last night. 😀 Indeed, it can be a calming force — like actually getting entrained by the waves consistently lapping ashore and lowing your brain waves to alpha, a state of meditation, calm and creativity. Madalyn, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I only have the very basic video making software (free), but I love the process of making videos.


  11. Gorgeous video, Victoria – as usual! I WISH the body of water I can see out my windows had a beach like the one in the video. Although the Bay of Fundy has its charms, a sandy beach is not one of them — oh, would I love that!

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  12. Any moment you are tired of the snow, hope into a jet for Nairobi. We have such good weather, a bit chilly at the moment, slight showers and some sun

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  13. I couldn’t watch the video for some reason. I’ll try it again a bit later. It’s probably my bandwidth. Anyway I love, love, love both the ocean and the foothills/mountains. If I could pick one to live by year-round I’m not sure which one I’d choose. I find both so relaxing and invigorating at the same time!

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  14. Ahh…chilling by the ocean. It’s the very reason we save up and take a beach vacation every two years. We are going to St. Lucia in a couple of weeks and just last night I made a mental note to myself about recording the tide and the waves so that I’d have that sound when I returned home.
    What a beautiful video and beautiful music. I think I’m going to save it and write to it later today.
    Love you, sis!!

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  15. If living 200 yards from a big lake counts, then come over! We’ll have tea and crumpets, laugh, and solve the world’s problems!!! 😀

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    • Hahah — well, it sorta counts. Where I live, there is a lake in the back yard, but there are houses all around so it’s just not the same as looking out at a vast ocean, though I do enjoy watching the geese paddle and flutter. Thank you for the invite. I’ve no doubt we’d have a great time. Tea and crumpets? LOL Pull out the BBQ grill and I’ll bring the beer. Well, beer for you — wine for me. 😀 Gotta corkscrew?

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      • Well surprise. Though I am from the great proud (arrogant) state of Texas, I’m not much for beer except with Mexican food or Tex-Mex, and then it must be Corona or Dos Equis. *smirk* Even then, my taste for liquors usually over-rides the red-neck drink — give me a potent margarita everytime! *evil smirk*

        Corkscrew? Umm, I have all sorts of “tools” — fear not for your libations with me Ma’am. Trust me….and pay no attention to all the trap doors, eye-bolts above, or weird furniture. 😈

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  16. Stunning! You should contact Phil Hellenes about doing production work with him.

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  17. So blissful, Victoria. Especially liked the opening sequence and the low angle views of the waves. Well all of it really. 🙂 Thank you.

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  18. Lovely, Victoria, your video brings back pleasant memories.

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  19. Many of us have experienced over 7 feet (2+ meters) of snow this week here in the United States. Winter’s not official for another month. I live in the South, and it’s going to get well below freezing tonight.

    I’m a glass-always-full kinda guy – in only a month from today, the days (here) begin getting longer again, by 2 minutes each day! Oddly enough, the Earth is closer to the sun at that time of year, than it is during the summer.

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  20. Thank you for the video which soothed my spirit this morning. I’ve lived on the coast most of my life (Wilmington, NC; Myrtle Beach, SC; and currently, the Delmarva Peninsula), but I do love the mountains as well.

    I recall one of the most beautiful and fantastic scenes I’ve ever experienced was on a trip to the west coast. After topping a mountain in the Rocky Mountain chain, the valley ahead of me was completely obscured by fog and the sky above matched the grayness of the fog below, causing the mountains beyond to appear to be floating in mid air. It was breathtaking!

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    • Max, I currently live in South Carolina, so I’ve been to Myrtle Beach and Wilmington, NC. Myrtle Beach has really built up and is quite touristy, but the beaches are lovely. I’ve spent a good portion of my life living on the gorgeous white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast.

      Btw, I also spent a good chunk of my childhood in Piney Point, MD — not far from where you currently live.,_Maryland I was born in Maryland. I caught a many a bushel of crabs during the times I lived there in my youth. I hold wonderful memories.

      I have lots of family there in Virgina and Maryland. I also lived in Alexandria, VA while working for the government in DC My dad was in the Air Force. We were stationed in CA for several years so I got to enjoy the beauty of the West Coast. I lived in Colorado Springs between the ages of 4 and 5 and can still remember some of the scenery and lots of snow. The Rockies are a spectacular mountain chain, indeed. How incredibly amazing and euphroic it must have been when you topped that mountain. Thank you so much for sharing and taking the time to watch the video. 🙂

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      • You are quite welcome. Thoroughly enjoyed it. And, yes, the surrealism of that scene was euphoric. I wanted to get a picture of it but I couldn’t stop. My last career was a long-haul 18 wheeler, so I saw most of America through my windshield.

        Piney Point is about 60 miles away as-the-crow-flies, but about 200 miles by road, looping across the Bay Bridge. I’ve never been there but I suspect it is much like the small waterside towns of the Eastern Shore. I love life here. I keep the birds fed and put out just enough corn to keep the dear dropping by for a snack.


        • That sounds so lovely, Max. Yes, Piney Point was/is a small town much like the other small towns on the Eastern Shore. Very laid back. In the back of my grandmothers property was a wooded area with wild peacocks. I lived at the mouth of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay, and just a mile up the road from St. George’s Island. They sometimes called me river rat because I spent so much time in the water. 😀

          It’s wonderful to read that you’re happy.

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  21. I read this in High School, I remembered it. It seemed appropriate to share:

    “I like to think of her as I saw her first,
    A young slip of a girl in the fishin’ village at Argyle.
    The sun was goin’ down, she stood upon the rocks,
    Her long hair blowin’ out behind her there
    Like…like brown seaweed on the curve of a wave.
    Her sea-green eyes were fixed on the outgoin’ tide —
    She was…singin’ to it….

    “She loved the sea with a passion that was surely strange.
    Her father, in his ancient, Gaelic tongue,
    Would say that from her birth,
    The great pulse of the sea had beat in the veins of her,
    And that she’d know no rest, no ‘peace of soul,’ away from it.
    A truer word was never spoke.

    “For love of me, she came out here,
    To the far-flung prairies, nigh a thousand miles from the nearest ocean bed,
    And in her years with me, she never uttered a word of it, but I knew.
    Knew that she was sick for the sight of it,
    Knew that she was starvin’ for the sound of the boomin’ breakers on her homeland crags,
    For the tappin’ and the whisperin’ of the spent tide,
    Seekin’ her on the shinin’ cobbles of her father’s door.

    “But no word of her hunger ever passed her lips, until that night she went,
    Leavin’ her helpless babe, but three days old, behind her.
    All night long, she was in high delirium,
    When I found her, she was talkin’ strange.
    She had the smell of seaweed in her nostrils.
    She had the feel of wet spume on her forehead.
    I had my arms about her, when she died.

    “She sat up, sudden-like, her eyes bright and gleamin’ with the fever,
    She grasped my hand, and cried out, breathless-like,
    ‘Can ya hear it, Love? Can ya hear it? It’s comin’ in! The tide’s comin’ in!’
    Aye, the tide came in,
    And the tide went out,
    Takin’ her with it.
    Out of my arms.
    Out of my life.”

    ~ anonymous ~

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  22. Absolutely lovely 🙂 I live by the sea in Vancouver. Not a place I was born to, rather the place I settled and grew to love. My sentiments are complicated – on so many levels the sea speaks to me, yet I’m annoyed when I can’t hear what it tells me (Vancouver is coastal yet not open to the Pacific Ocean since Vancouver Island coddles us from full on majesty) Deep down I know resentment festers for finding myself sheltered at the cusp of magnificence. Whenever possible we travel to Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We try to plan trips that coincide with massive storms – words can’t do justice to the thrill of facing the open ocean at the peak of a winter storm – exhilarating experience 🙂 Winter – as I write snow falls in the city, quite remarkable for this time of year in my neck of the woods.I can’t decide which I like more – smelling unmistakable scents of angry seas, or grooving in a state of Zen-like bliss as silver dollar sized snowflakes assault an otherwise polite rain forest. Great post, thanks for the mind fuel 🙂

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