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Stunning — Mesmerizing Aquatic Macro Time-lapse



This is an infinitesimal part of the wonderful world in which we live and of which we should take better care of.  It is a trip through a different perspective that encourages reflection on the consequences of our actions on each scale of space and time.


The trailer is for an upcoming non-verbal film titled Porgrave, produced by Italian filmmaker and documentarist Sandro Bocci.  It shows the world of marine animals, like corals and sponges, at high magnification through macro time-lapse.  It’s an experimental film orbiting scientific and philosophical reflections on time and space, and that through various shooting techniques, fields of magnification, seeks to weave a web between science and magical creativity.

Influenced by studying fractal geometry in nature, Bocci has produced several short movies about the world of fluid dynamics, the cymatics and generally everything related to the size and movements of nature at various scales.  In 2014 the magazine Scientific American quoted the Porgrave project in an article about the dynamics of fluids.

His work is phenomenal.  Enjoy.

Tip:  move your pointer to the subscribe box to X it out.  I recommend watching full screen.



Author: NeuroNotes

Victoria predominately blogs about religion, the psychological techniques used to indoctrinate, and the brain's role in religious-type experiences and attachment.

68 thoughts on “Stunning — Mesmerizing Aquatic Macro Time-lapse

  1. Amazing. Beautiful. And wondrous.

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  2. Stunning sums it up nicely

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  3. Victoria, THANK YOU! ❤ (((((huge hug)))))

    Thank you for sharing this! Once again we witness the phenomenal evidence of variety, diversity, evolution, adaptation, morphing, transforming, of EVERYTHING around us… and in the cosmic frame & lens, NOTHING is permanent, or binary, or monistic. It is symmetric and dissimiliar. It is beautifully and unpredictably fresh and stimulating — exactly that our human spirit needs every day!

    WOW! 🙂

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  4. Who knew local units obeying local rules could produce such stunning and diverse displays of expression?

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  5. That was absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing. Gorgeous! Thank you for making my day brighter…like you always do! Xoxo

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  6. That is amazing.
    Thanks for sharing

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  7. That was an awesome video Victoria. Marine life is so cool. It reminds me of a movie my family and I saw in the American Museum of Natural History last summer – it was about things that are extremely large (like galaxies) and things that are extremely small. The small stuff was a little creepy given that we’re breathing it all in, but it was still cool to watch.

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    • Hey Howie, that sounds like an awesome movie — right up my alley. I am always in awe of what we miss, don’t see in our everyday existence — the wonders and beauty that is capture through micro and macro photography. But seeing it with motion gives me goosebumps — the good kind. 😀

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  8. What an astounding planet we live on. That clip was worth it for the colors alone. Thank you for sharing, V.

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  9. Mesmerizing and stunning indeed Victoria. I am forever watching videos like this. Thanks for sharing. 😀 ♥

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  10. Interesting, but I’m not entirely clear as to what I’m seeing – perhaps an explanation would be in order.

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  11. I’ll take “Colorful” for $600, Alex.

    It’s our Video Daily Double!

    …What are “things I don’t want to touch”?

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  12. Yeah, right, and we’re the clever people. Hate the decimation of marine life. Oops used the hate word. Must have been reading too many Xtian blogs 😦

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