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Exploring Reasons Why “Atheists” Have Extreme Moral Prejudice Toward Atheists

In a recent study published in the journal Nature Human Behavior (2017), an international team of researchers found extreme intuitive moral prejudice against atheists. Continue reading



Why Politicians and Religious Leaders Get In Bed With Your Limbic System

I watched GOP presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, live, on TV when he visited Mobile, Alabama, just an hour east of where I live. Not long into his pep talk he said to the huge, deep red crowd:

“What’s my favorite book? The Bible!”

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Are “Brainwashing” Techniques in the Bible and Strategically Used in Churches?

Brainwashing and mind control techniques have been used by dictators, their agents and cult leaders throughout history. While it took me years to come to this understanding, it became apparent to me, through my research, that the Bible could be used as a tool for Continue reading


Words Can Literally Change Your Brain & Perception Of Reality

In 2011, on New Year’s Eve, I started thinking about all the years I spent in church listening to preachers talk dirt about humanity. I recalled the years I had a negative self-image. I knew why. Continue reading


Being A “Nicer, Friendlier” Fundy Doesn’t Change The Message

News Flash — The majority of Americans believe Hell is a real place.  

Another News Flash — The majority of Americans are going to hell. Continue reading


New Study — The Unconscious Reason Atheists Are Feared

I know, I know, you’re starting to see a pattern. This isn’t the post I planned to publish next, but I wanted to share this new study because I think it really sheds light on what, most likely, is the core reason for disdain towards unbelievers. Continue reading