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2D or Not 2D: Transcending Barriers In Virtual Reality

I received a notification from WordPress wishing me a Happy 5th Anniversary. I thought this would be a good time to end my blogging hiatus. Continue reading



I Am Incredibly Grateful For My Blogging Family

That’s what I told Madalyn, yesterday, on her blog, Wary Wonderlust. She responded with the quote in my header.

I couldn’t have said it better. Continue reading


In Appreciation, I Accept This Award

Hello to my blogging family. I have come to appreciate blogging awards because their intent is to not only express appreciation to the blogger receiving the award, but also to introduce us to other WordPress bloggers who deserve to be equally appreciated.  It’s a win-win. I feel honored to accept the Versatile Blogger Award from someone who not only has my utmost respect, but who’s also a brilliant writer. Continue reading


It’s My Pleasure To Introduce — Words for the Weekend

For those of you who have yet to meet the incredible Christina aka Christy, from the blog Running On Sober, I am happy to introduce her to you today, along with her new blog Words for the Weekend.

She has a love for words, and loves to share the words that move her.  The series began at her original blog, RoS, but she and others (myself included) loved it so much, she decided to give it a permanent home. Continue reading


Confessions of a Roller Coaster Blogger

Starting a new blog, intended to be personal in nature, has taken a while to come to fruition.  My other site is primarily about exploring the impact that environment (including culture) has on neuroplasticity, neurotransmitters, hormones, gene expression, etc.  It has provided a necessary outlet but in some respects it tends to limit me in self-expression.

For the last several months I’ve felt a stirring to Continue reading