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Still But Still Around

The last couple of months I’ve been on a blogging hiatus, although it wasn’t planned. I’m still reading posts from my beloved favs. Today, I felt like doing a short post. Continue reading



Your Brain On Music & Two Emotive Mindgasm Tunes Without Conceptual Content

“Music affects deep emotional centers in the brain.  A single sound tone is not really pleasurable in itself; but if these sounds are organized over time in some sort of arrangement, it’s amazingly powerful.” Neuroscientist Valorie Salimpoor

While listening to their favorite piece of music, Salimpoor and her colleagues hooked participants up to an fMRI machine and recorded their brain activity.  Well, surprise, surprise (winks at Ark). Continue reading


The Warning — Child’s Play

I’ve been working on an upcoming post about brain development in children, which is predominately influenced by their environment. The majority of brain development occurs after birth.  Approximately 90% occurs by the age of 5.

During my research I came across this video. All I could say after watching it was…


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It’s My Pleasure To Introduce — Words for the Weekend

For those of you who have yet to meet the incredible Christina aka Christy, from the blog Running On Sober, I am happy to introduce her to you today, along with her new blog Words for the Weekend.

She has a love for words, and loves to share the words that move her.  The series began at her original blog, RoS, but she and others (myself included) loved it so much, she decided to give it a permanent home. Continue reading