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The Neural Basis For The Ancient Wisdom ‘Love Is Blind’

Without knowing why this was happening, I recognized, early on, consistent patterns of behavior in relationships that started out romantically. I also recognized these patterns in my previous relationships. Continue reading



Why Politicians and Religious Leaders Get In Bed With Your Limbic System

I watched GOP presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, live, on TV when he visited Mobile, Alabama, just an hour east of where I live. Not long into his pep talk he said to the huge, deep red crowd:

“What’s my favorite book? The Bible!”

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How the Brain Creates the Experience of God

Peter: When I used to read the Bible I sort of assumed that God spoke to the people of old in a very clear way that could not be misunderstood. Why didn’t he speak to me so clearly? A lot of people claim to hear from God now. However when really pressed on the matter, Continue reading


Casting a Spell: The Political and Religious Cook Book of Persuasion

A cerebral automatism, related to the learning process, gives people the propensity to line up to majority opinion even when it contradicts evidence.  Here’s an example: Continue reading


Sending Emails Brain-to-Brain Is Now Possible

Emailing your thoughts?

This month, in a study published (on the 19th) in PLOS One (an international, peer-reviewed, open-access, online publication), researchers used non-invasive neurotechnology, the internet, and human brain waves, to transmit “emails” from one person’s brain to another brain ➡ as far as five thousand miles (8047 kilometers) away. Continue reading