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How the “Good News” Nearly Killed Me

Neil Carter published a post on Sunday, titled “So Long Self: How Christianity Teaches You To Hate Yourself.” It was one of those posts that described, to a T, what evangelical Christianity does to the psyche of a person who, initially, gets fooled by the facade. Continue reading


Evangelical Extremism Strikes Again – Two New Bills Have Passed in Mississippi

The governor is expected to sign them. This is not an April Fools’ Day joke.

I told my friend, Carmen, that I want to cry, but I’m too angry right now. I’ve witnessed, and personally experienced, the significant harm caused when religion and government become bedfellows. As many of you may already know: Continue reading


When You’re So Full Of Yourself, You Tell Tornadoes Where To Go

At the crack of dawn, while in REM sleep, I thought I was dreaming when I heard 3 intensely loud alarm sounds. Upon awakening, I thought “was that a dream?” Then—there was a knock at my door, followed by a calm, yet concerned voice:

“We’re under a tornado warning.” Continue reading