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Into the Gray


Still But Still Around

The last couple of months I’ve been on a blogging hiatus, although it wasn’t planned. I’m still reading posts from my beloved favs. Today, I felt like doing a short post. Continue reading



Chillin’ in the Chill & My Latest Upload

Many of us have experienced over 7 feet (2+ meters) of snow this week here in the United States.  Winter’s not official for another month.  I live in the South, and it’s going to get Continue reading


On A Good Day — In The Mood

We all have our good days and bad days.  I have certain strategies I use to keep me from being taken captive by thoughts I know I shouldn’t nurture; nor do I want to stew in biochemicals that can go with stress.   On those down days, I try to do what I feel like doing on a good day.  I take ‘me time’ outs even if it’s just putting in my earbuds.   I like to listen to music with specific beats per minute (bpm). Continue reading


“Disparate Pieces Become A Unified Whole”

Since I’ve been on WordPress, I have met some of the most intelligent, talented, and compassionate bloggers.  People who are passionate about helping others.  People who have become the change they want to see.  Meet Jo Murphy.   She has a master’s degree, Master in Education (Creative Arts), and is currently working towards recommencing a Ph.D.  Her passion is the development of Continue reading