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Into the Gray


Why Politicians and Religious Leaders Get In Bed With Your Limbic System

I watched GOP presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, live, on TV when he visited Mobile, Alabama, just an hour east of where I live. Not long into his pep talk he said to the huge, deep red crowd:

“What’s my favorite book? The Bible!”

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The Warning — Child’s Play

I’ve been working on an upcoming post about brain development in children, which is predominately influenced by their environment. The majority of brain development occurs after birth.  Approximately 90% occurs by the age of 5.

During my research I came across this video. All I could say after watching it was…


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Neuroscience Explanations For ‘Spiritual’ Experiences – Part 1

Note:  People who’ve had what they considered a religious experience may find this information disquieting.  From a personal perspective, I found it not only liberating but empowering. The Dalia Lama, who’s been working with neuroscientists at MIT, has given a thumbs up regarding the research I’m going to present here. He states that what has been discovered about the brain’s role in mystic, and religious experiences is illuminating. Continue reading


Terrorizing Children in the Name of God

Warning:  Graphic Image

This wasn’t the post I had planned on publishing next, but after reading an article yesterday titled —

Why Are Americans So Inclined to Disrespect Children?:  Even those who work with kids are unlikely to always afford them the dignity they deserve.”,

— I was reminded of my childhood — being taught about the flames of torture in a hell that a supposedly loving god created.  I was indoctrinated from an early age by the Roman Catholic Church, and attended Catholic schools for a couple of years.  Using biblical teachings to instill obedience was not uncommon.   I felt utterly voiceless as a child. Continue reading