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I’m Changing Gears — Reader Beware

I have spent the better part of two months in self-reflection.  There’s a lot going on in my life right now, primarily because of what’s happened in the economy, as well as the fallout from the death throes of the religious right in the United States who are doing their damnedest to keep women pregnant, uneducated, and unempowered.   There is a method behind their madness, such as the Supreme Court cases with Hobby Lobby, and other similar lawsuits, which I will address in an upcoming post.  If you don’t find yourself royally pissed off and/or appalled by the dishonesty and hypocrisy behind these lawsuits, than perhaps you need to come out of la la land and back into reality.

Such apathy and lack of awareness leaves a stench in my nostrils.

But the point I want to make in this post is that I have been skirting around issues I really want to discuss for fear of offending my blogging friends who are Christians, Muslims, Jews or believers in their god(s) of choice.  But by doing so, I am not being my authentic self and I feel like a pressure cooker without a release valve. Continue reading



Independence Day à la Transformation

I was inspired by another blogger to write this post.  Her post is titled “Happiness”.  Thank you Charity.  Since Americans just celebrated Independence Day, I’d like to share my personal Independence Day; the day I found freedom.  The day I came out of that cocoon, spread my wings and truly felt alive.  The day I felt an interconnection that transformed me. Continue reading